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If you are fascinated with the Greek culture, you likely have done quite a bit of research on the different books that the culture has to offer and probably have a favorite story or book that was written in Greek.  Even more than that, depending on your level of interest in Greek culture, you may even want to read the book in Greek so that you can get everything out of it that the author meant you to.

The Problem With Translations

Anytime a foreign language book is translated into English, it seems that some details get lost in the translation.  If you translated a book from English to Greek, the same problem would arise as when a book was translated from Greek to English, or any other language, for that matter.  The problem is that translations rely on a translator who, even if he is the best, bases his translation on his understanding.  With many languages, some words or ideas cannot be easily translated to other languages, so the reader winds up getting a bit of an abridged version.  If you truly want to get everything out of a foreign language book, it is always a good idea to read it in its original text, if possible.

Finding The Book

Luckily, with the internet, finding your favorite Greek literature in the language it was written shouldn’t be a problem.  Online book stores such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon have made it easy to get your hands on pretty much any book that you could imagine, in as many languages as they are available.  Even Ebay is a good place to start to find that book you are looking for. And use when you’re done reading your new book.

Considering the mythology of Ancient Greece and its rich history, it is easy to see why someone could become enamored with the culture.  Reading a Greek book in the language that it was intended to be read not only shows an appreciation and love of the culture, but will also give you an insight into what the author was thinking, not what the translator thought he was thinking.

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