Get Out of Trouble With a Good DWI Lawye...

Legal Law JusticeGetting a DWI can be a very unpleasant event in your life. It is very important you take the right steps to ensure you don’t have anymore issues. Getting your DWI handled is crucial to your life being a good one. Driving while intoxicated is handled differently in different states.

DWI Lawyer Searches Online

Most lawyers in any major city will be listed online. You might even find a lawyer on sites that are specialized for lawyers to advertise their services. It is a great idea to take your time, and go through all the sites before you choose a few to day. A list of 3-5 is a good number to call and do a mini interview to see if the DWI lawyer is the one that will work for you.

Visiting You New DWI Lawyer

When you meet your lawyer, it is okay to be slightly nervous, but don’t worry the lawyer is there to make you feel better about the situation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and even take notes if you feel like you might miss something or forget a key issue. If you are not a U.S. citizen you could jeopardize your right to stay in the United States. Contact a deportation lawyer in Atlanta to get more information.

Good luck in court. Hopefully your lawyer will be able to work you a sweet deal.


Easy Marketing Ideas Any Business Can Us...

The key to success in any business is advertising and marketing. This is especially true for insurance companies who are always on the lookout for insurance marketing ideas that will generate more customers for their business.

One of the most effective creative marketing ideas that any insurance company can apply to their business, starting today, is to start giving something away for free when a potential customer takes action. For example: insurance companies could offer people free gift cards, gift certificates, coupons or something of value to that customer that they could use in their home.

Five Explosive Advertising Ideas

1. Make your advertisements funny because something that’s funny will stay in an individual’s mind compared to a boring advertisement.

2. Learn from your competitors and mold your advertising campaigns after what’s already working for them.

3. Always have an advertising campaign that includes every medium like print, online and radio.

4. Encourage your customers to tell a friend and reward existing customers who referred someone that bought your product or used your service.

5. Always deliver on your marketing promises. This step is vital because you never want to be seen as a phony.

Profitable Marketing Ideas

Be seen in your community. This is one of the best ways to develop T.O.M.A. or Top Of The Mind Awareness in your customer’s minds. If you’re everywhere your customer is, they will think of you when they need your services.

It’s also important to establish yourself and your business as the expert in your field. The best way to do this is online by writing articles with easy “How To” tips that will help people to solve common problems in your field.


Every business owner should also consider using video to market their business. Some of the best video websites are YouTube, Vimeo, Meta Café and HULU.


Thinking of Starting a Trucking Business...

1192523_truckHave you been thinking of starting a trucking business? While the trucking business is highly competitive, the necessity for transporting goods from one place to another is always required and companies are constantly searching for good trucking companies. Depending on your business acumen and sense of entrepreneurship, it is possible to build your trucking business into a very lucrative and satisfying organization, even in today’s stagnant economy. However, you should do extensive research concerning the trucking business and hire an accountant before purchasing items required to begin your business.

Purchasing Equipment and Attracting Clients

You have the choice of either purchasing your trucks or leasing them from subcontractors who own and use these trucks. Usually it is advisable that someone wanting to start a trucking business have at least $15,000 in capital, which is an investment that can have a positive return since most trucking business earn much more than their original investment. Also, when initially contacting clients, you may have to begin with smaller businesses until you gain a responsible reputation. Marketing and advertising will be an important in getting the word out that you have a trucking company. Posting advertisements in relevant magazines or online will help spread your company’s availability, along with leaving brochures with a variety of commercial operations.


More Tips

Here are some more things to think about when starting a trucking business:

  • what sort of merchandise you plan on transporting
  • obtaining a federal authority license
  • bonding and insurance
  • BOC-3 filing
  • State licensure for every state in which you plan on transporting goods
  • Software to help organize your company’s finances, such as LTL software
  • IFTA license
  • Federal Highway Use Tax

Once you obtain all the necessary licenses, equipment, paperwork and employees to start your trucking business, then you will be all ready to begin a fascinating career in the trucking industry.

It would also be helpful to talk to other trucking business owners and ask them for advice. They will no doubt be aware of the many ins and outs of the trucking industry and would provide valuable advice you couldn’t find by simply doing internet research.


The Set It and Forget It Approach To Bus...

352249_what_u_looking_for_1When it comes to creating your own web site or utilizing an SEO management tool; the concept of set it and forget it may or may not be right for you. Set it and forget it is a wonderful concept when it comes to cooking; but for marketing?

One Size Fits All

‘Untruer’ words were never spoken. I have yet to find anything that complies with the statement ‘one size fits all’. The same can be said for the set it and forget it technology created to assist small businesses that sometimes find themselves overwhelmed and overworked. Websites have to stay current. They must be ever changing and do everything they can to stay in tune with the times. Logging on to a web site that offers the same old same old every time you log on gets old in a hurry. This is why a set it and then forget it approach may not be a good concept for your particular website.

What Can You Do Keep Your Website Current?

You may need to enlist the assistance of a professional. Not some graphic designer who strives to make your website all pretty and fun looking; no, you need easy navigation, search engine optimization, keyword research and more.
For example—is your website compatible with today’s smart phones? If people can’t get to their laptops they frequently access the Internet over their phone. And the can access even more if they jailbreak their iPhone 5. Can they find you?


Simple Ways to Avoid Offending Clients...

213605_business_breakfastUsed to be that when you took a client out you enjoyed a cigarette with cocktails and one or more after dinner. Not anymore. Even if you wanted to most establishments have barred smoking.

There Is Another Way

Almost no establishments have banned the use of some of the best electronic cigarette choices on the market. If the people around you don’t smell smoke, they probably won’t even know. What you do blowout when you exhale is not smoke at all but harmless water vapor. This is your way around the no smoking laws and worrying about offending your nonsmoking client. Read about Pinnacle Pro to learn about vaporizers.

Who Knows; It Could Be An Icebreaker

If you and your client both find yourselves Jonesin’ for a cigarette you might want to introduce them to your new brand of e-cigarettes. Offer them a ‘smoke’—with no smoke. Turning them on to this ‘everybody’s happy option’ could seal the deal on a contract with this soon to be a lucrative client. You never know.
I fear however, that the e-cigarette people have yet to come up with a solution for sitting back and enjoying that big fat stogie with a snifter of a fine brandy or cognac after dinner. To all you manufacturers of electronic cigarettes—call me when you do.


Connect With Your Clients...

1340911_smartphone_iconStaying in touch with clients is crucial to any business. There are more ways of staying in touch with your clients however than speaking with them person to person on your mobile.

How’s Your Website Doing?

Any intelligent entrepreneur these days has their own web site or is employed by a business that does. If the website has been set up correctly and efficiently you should be able to track how many people visit your website in a day, how many new visitors you get, and it should also include a help line or question line where clients and interested parties can ask you or your business any questions they may have. If you’re the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2, you can check on your website and answer the client’s questions on the go.

Internet Access Is A Must

If you have to be without your laptop you should never be without Internet access through your mobile. Whether checking on your website or just fooling around in your spare time, the Internet access and other apps that can be accessed through your mobile run the gamut when it comes to things that are from useful all the way up to entertainment. Unlock your phone and access many more features by using

Of course if you’re caught without your laptop and your mobile, you’re really in a fix.


Your Most Important Business Tool...

1225932_mobile_phone_3Your cell phone is one of the most important tools you will ever have when it comes to doing business. Your cell phone reaches out to people and contacts so that your business can keep on striving. To unlock your phone to many other features visit

Making Sure Your Cell Phone Works All The Time Without Problems

If your cell phone is your moneymaker, then you need to be sure that no matter what your cell phone is working in great condition at all times. If you are having problems with reception then more than likely it is time to start shopping for SIM only deals.

Fixed All Of The Cell Phone Problems

Then it is time to get out your black book of all of your customers and clients and start calling them to see how they are doing and if they need a product or service from you. This is a good way to touch base with everybody and form a wonderful business relationship.

Hopefully with your excellent customer service you will increase your business and your profits. Extra effort can be something that goes a long way when it comes to creating your business and making it strong so that it will last a long time.


Marketing For A Failing Business Can Hel...

1415239_money_trading_1Being self-employed and owning your own business takes a lot of work.  The fruit of your labor can be seen, by how well your business prospers.  Yet, though you have put in a lot of hard work, somehow your business just isn’t making it.  Vince Lombardi once said “Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.”  In business, this is just as true.  It’s now how hard you work for your business, but working hard the right way for your business.”  Most often businesses will fail, not because of the products or services your business offers. Usually, failure comes from a lack of business focus and organization. Your business might need to revamp it’s business plan….wait, you never did a business plan?  What about a marketing plan? No marketing plan either? What about your credit rating?  Bad credit also?  You can still take out small personal loans for bad credit if you need them. If you have no organization to your business, you might as well treat it like the raven rapping on your window.  That tap tap tapping on your chamber door, as your business becomes NEVERMORE!

Develop A Business Plan

This is something you should have done on day one, when you conceived the idea of starting your business.  It’s okay to change your business plan as you go along. Businesses will grow and evolve, so it’s a good idea to revisit your business plan, from time to time.  Business plans will identify your target market, how to market to the people you are trying to reach, as well as projected income.


This does not mean how you advertise.  These days advertising is not just arbitrarily taking out space in the newspaper or airtime on  radio or television.  Or passing out promotional products like custom Nalgenes water bottles.  With every dollar counting, you cannot throw your money away.  Marketing is the whole package of what you are trying to sell.  It’s how you communicate what your business is.  It’s the art of, how you sell your business and the products your business is trying to sell.  It is the entire strategy of promoting your product or service and how the customers sees you.  A good marketing plan will target the demographic of who you are trying to reach.  In other words, if you sell custom chopper motorcycles, your target market will not be seniors, in assisted living retirement communities.  A good marketing plan does not waste money unnecessarily, by just taking out ads. It’s not the number of views or reads.  Instead, look at the product you are trying to sell, who you are trying to sell to, develop a marketing plan and sales will increase, when you reach your true target market.


Read A Favorite Book In Greek...


If you are fascinated with the Greek culture, you likely have done quite a bit of research on the different books that the culture has to offer and probably have a favorite story or book that was written in Greek.  Even more than that, depending on your level of interest in Greek culture, you may even want to read the book in Greek so that you can get everything out of it that the author meant you to.

The Problem With Translations

Anytime a foreign language book is translated into English, it seems that some details get lost in the translation.  If you translated a book from English to Greek, the same problem would arise as when a book was translated from Greek to English, or any other language, for that matter.  The problem is that translations rely on a translator who, even if he is the best, bases his translation on his understanding.  With many languages, some words or ideas cannot be easily translated to other languages, so the reader winds up getting a bit of an abridged version.  If you truly want to get everything out of a foreign language book, it is always a good idea to read it in its original text, if possible.

Finding The Book

Luckily, with the internet, finding your favorite Greek literature in the language it was written shouldn’t be a problem.  Online book stores such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon have made it easy to get your hands on pretty much any book that you could imagine, in as many languages as they are available.  Even Ebay is a good place to start to find that book you are looking for. And use when you’re done reading your new book.

Considering the mythology of Ancient Greece and its rich history, it is easy to see why someone could become enamored with the culture.  Reading a Greek book in the language that it was intended to be read not only shows an appreciation and love of the culture, but will also give you an insight into what the author was thinking, not what the translator thought he was thinking.


Shop Around and Save Money on Your Presc...

1327605_eyeglassesHave you recently gone to purchase eyeglasses?  Have you seen the prices, just for the frames?  Add to that the cost of the lenses, the exam and all the other little extras and that could add up to your next mortgage payment.  Eye care is not cheap these days.  Many general insurance plans will not even cover eye care, unless you add on a separate policy.  In some states, you cannot even replace the frames and keep the old lenses, if it has been over a certain length of time between exams.  Fortunately, times have changed.  Gone are the days where you saw your local eye doctor and had to settle on whatever frames they had available.  Usually everyone came out looking like Buddy Holly.  Although, those glasses are making a fashion comeback!  Competition, in the field of eye exams and eye glasses, has brought about many changes, including lower cost eye exams, more variety and lower cost frames.  But you have to shop around, in order to find these deals.  No longer is it as time consuming as looking through the phone book.  New methods have made it easier to shop around, for quality low cost eye wear.  Online resources, such as buy prescriptions from Canada are a great way to save time and money, on your eye care prescriptions.

Getting Started

Before you begin the task of looking for new eye wear check, first see if you insurance covers some or all of the cost, for the office visit and/or the glasses themselves.  Sometimes, you may not even realize what your policy has for you.  Put your HSA or FSA to work, if you have extra funds in them, at the end of your tax year.  Once you have scheduled your eye exam and have received your specific prescription, getting the frames just became a lot easier.  With your prescription in hand, you can then shop around for the best deals on frames and lenses.

Getting Your Eyeglasses

With the internet, shopping for quality frames and lenses is a lot faster.  The nice thing about shopping on line is the convenience of looking at different sellers, through the web, who are often less expensive than the regular stores.  You can also try warehouse clubs and discount stores, to see what they might have on sale.  Take advantage of special offers and coupons.  Be sure and look for free repair or replacement plans, if your glasses are broken, lost or stolen.

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